There are currently no PhD or postdoc positions available

If you are interested in working on IMAGINE! related topics, but you cannot see any suitable positions listed on this site, please feel free to reach out to the PIs of our consortium. They may have other positions available on similar topics.

Become part of the new research consortium IMAGINE! (Innovative Microscopy And Guidance of cells In their Native Environment). Our programme aims to transform cell biology by developing and applying advanced microscopy and real-time molecular manipulation techniques to study cells in their natural complexity and diversity. The consortium will form a unique and highly interdisciplinary team that combines cell, organoid, and tissue biology, as well as chemical and optical cell manipulation to study cell behaviour in development, cancer, and targeted drug delivery.

Diversity statement

We highly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to apply. We strive to create an open, diverse, and inclusive work environment for everyone. People of any gender identity, ethnicity or sexual orientation are welcome.

Recruitment information

Positions are for 4 years (PhD) and 3 years (postdocs) and open in various fields (cell/tissue/organoid biology, optical microscopy, biophysics, computational analysis and modelling, cancer research and therapy) at different institutes in the Netherlands. Participating institutes are based in Utrecht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Delft and Eindhoven.

If you are interested in several positions of IMAGINE! we encourage you to apply for multiple positions (please indicate this by including the job title(s) and associated institute(s) in your application letter). If you feel that a position is the perfect match, but you do not yet meet all the qualifications, we also welcome you to apply.

All positions are advertised for at least 3.5 weeks. Data Privacy note: Applications will be shared between participating institutes of IMAGINE! for the purpose and the duration of the recruitment process.

To apply and see more information on the individual projects please take a look at the project descriptions listed below.

This site will be updated regularly.

PhD positions

We currently have no open PhD positions.

Postdoc positions

We currently have no open PD positions.