2024 February – IMAGINE! Winter Meeting

1st February, 2024 – Utrecht University, NL; The forth event with the consortium – it was an amazing day with great talks, including a keynote lecture from our Scientific Advisory Board member Mónica Bettencourt-Dias!

The newly added poster/laptop session was also very well received.

2023 November – Expansion Microscopy Workshop

8th and 10th November, 2023 – Utrecht Science Park, hosted by the Kapitein Lab.
A total of 15 IMAGINE! and affiliated postdocs, PhDs and master students took part in an interactive workshop run by Albert Serweta, Josiah Passmore, and Eugene Katrukha.

We are proud of all the beautiful gels that were made and imaged on those days!

2023 October – IMAGINE! Autumn Retreat

11th – 13th October, 2023 – Vinkeveen Haven, NL; The third event with the consortium – and our very first retreat! At this point we have almost filled all remaining PhD and postdoc positions available. It was great to meet everybody during this multi-day event.

11th October: ECRs only; selected PhDs and postdocs presented their 1st year project updates, followed by an evening filled with networking and games.

12th – 13th October: PIs joined for the rest of the retreat. We had a programme full of exciting talks by ECRs, PIs and also our keynote speaker and scientific advisory board member, Prof. Jan Ellenberg (EMBL)! Other highlights included a teambuilding activity and a IMAGINE! pub quiz and consortium brain storming session.

Group photo of the IMAGINE! consortium at the Autumn Retreat 2023, 12th October, Vinkeveen Haven, NL.

2023 – 29th September: Betweter festival, Lightshow on organoid technology, Utrecht

Friday 29th September the Dream 3D Lab (managed by Anne Rios) put together an exciting lightshow on organoid technology which will be running during the Betweter festival in Utrecht. The festival is open for all! For tickets and more info please visit the Betweter Festival website.

2023 June – IMAGINE! Summer Meeting

15th June, 2023 – Utrecht University, NL; The second event with the consortium – another great day full of inspiring talks (this time a little more biology focused) also featuring two guest speakers: Emma van Grinsven (Akhmanova Lab) and Anne Meetje van Genderen (Masereeuw Lab).

This time we also had a talk on sustainability by Marit de Kort from Green Labs NL (GLNL), before enjoying our Zero-Waste lunch!

If you would like to learn more about how you can work more sustainable in a laboratory environment, there is plenty of useful information on their website.

2023 March – IMAGINE! Spring Meeting

9th March, 2023 – Utrecht University, NL; The first event for our PhDs and postdocs to meet each other in person and also meet the PIs for an inspiring networking session with great pitches. Nice to see how our consortium is growing!

Group photo of the IMAGINE! consortium.
Group photo of the IMAGINE! consortium at the Spring Meeting in the David de Wied Building. (Photo taken by Malina Iwanski).

2022 Oct – IMAGINE! Kick-Off event

13th October, 2022 – Utrecht University, NL; We had a blast at our very first meeting as the IMAGINE! Team.

Including homemade (vegan) cake!

Anna Akhmanova cuts the IMAGINE! logo cake
Group Photo Consortium

“Feestelijke uitreiking Zwaartekracht-programma” (Ceremony for obtaining the Gravitational Grant) with Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf

10th October, 2022 – Den Haag, NL

Sjoerd Stallinga, Jacco van Rheenen, Anna Akhmanova, Minister  Robbert Dijkgraaf, Lukas Kapitein, Madelon Maurice and Janine McCaughey on stage.
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in Den Haag; From left to right: Sjoerd Stallinga, Jacco van Rheenen, Anna Akhmanova, Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf, Lukas Kapitein, Madelon Maurice, Janine McCaughey.

The project launched 1st October 2022.